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Site Specific Curatorial Projects.

Reflecting Our City

Art Auction & Installation: Part of Our City, Our Canvas

White Roof Project, Whitehot Magazine and Antecedent Projects proudly presented Reflecting Our City at the Centre for Cultural Innovation, an exhibit and auction which directly addressed the ways in which our we are reflected in the urban environment and how our choices to improve City sustainability measures result in improved living conditions. How we choose to make our mark on the ecosystem was echoed in works by artists Autumn Ahn, Holly-Anne Buck, Lionel Cruet, Rifka Milder, Gregory de la Haba, Stephanie Rothenberg, LoVid, Distoart, Ida Ivanka Kubler and Marjan Moghaddam.

While recognizing that our choices impact urban spaces, Reflecting Our City also framed how living in the urban environment direct impacts us as citizens of the metropolis. Facets of our everyday experience, such as trapped heat pockets and scarce resources, exude an influential presence on citydwellers, and this physical and psychological presence frames how we experience everyday life. White Roof Project’s dedication to ensuring that citizens of urban spaces both dedicate resources to and reap the benefits of the conservation of energy that results when urban rooftops reflect solar rays and cool our City spaces. The art present in Reflecting Our City shared this same theme: exploring our role as citizens of urban space, its impact on our lives and how creating positive changes can result in a brighter, more energy efficient future.