A N T E C E D E N T _ P R O J E C T S
Site Specific Curatorial Projects.


Incite // Insight is a group exhibit featuring work by eight groundbreaking contemporary artists: Autumn Ahn, Fanny Allié, Jon Bunge, Lionel Cruet, Ya La’Ford, Jacqueline Lyoussi, Marjan Moghaddam, and Anne Vieux. This exhibit highlighs the significance of insight as a transformative tool for both the art and startup communities. Profound insight arrives through pivotal "breakthrough" moments, generating transformative initiatives in both arts and social innovation. Artists and innovators share a drive to transcend the ordinary, with major shifts resulting from sudden insights which can potentially create entirely new world views.

Incite//Insight provides a window of opportunity: an examination the breakthroughs of contemporary artists who arrived upon clever juxtapositions of concept and material, and of aesthetics and intellectual examination, hopefully inciting viewers to experience profound insights of their own.