A N T E C E D E N T _ P R O J E C T S
Site Specific Curatorial Projects.

Ephemeral Constructs: A Wicked Problem (EFA Project Space)

A Curatorial Proposal for EFA’s “A Wicked Problem” exhibition, Ephemeral Constructs was an exhibit taking into account ideas of beauty in the miniscule, detail on a Piranesian scale and a speculative approach to curating. In addition to these guidelines, the show incorporated the idea of “freezing the original moment”, combining these elements into an extraordinary, impossible exhibition space: snowflakes.

Noted theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson remarked, ”the laws of nature are constructed in such a way as to make the universe as interesting as possible.” Snowflakes display the captivating intricacies of architectural language latent in natural forms. Three snowflakes served as platforms, with shrunken prints by artists Anselm Kiefer, Sol LeWitt and James Turrell affixed to their sides. Visitors had mounted magnifying glasses at their disposal to examine the miniature abstract prints. Looking closely, viewers realized that while the artworks themselves can be duplicated, the individuality of each snowflake is impossible to replicate.

Included in the show were woodblock prints from Anselm Kiefer’s Der Rhein series, Sol LeWitt’s Whirls and Twirls and Wall Drawing 1112, and editions of James Turrell’s Site Plan Blueprint. The shrunken works were centered on each flake at a 1:4 size ratio, serving as a reminder of humanity’s ultimate presence both within and as a hegemonic force upon the natural environment.